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by crayon, from WA, United States April 30, 2021First time ordering ammo online. Wasn’t sure how to feel about dropping a couple hundred dollars on ammo but it’s been the best priced and in stock for this current ammo market value that I have come across with. So I did it, and customer service reassured me it’ll get shipped safely and on time. They kept their promise and now they’ve gain a new customer. Thank you Best Online Ammo Store!

by Williams, from AZ, United States June 1, 2021With everyone having a little trouble getting some ammunition over the last 12months or only able to buy reman brass, it was nice to see some freshly made brass on the market. I use this mainly for training/targets. Quality – great Price – great Shipping – great OP – great This ammo is clean, shoots nicely, and is made per Winny’s specs. Can’t go wrong really!

by Ace, from CO, United States June 1, 2021Never expected to find ammo at Optic but in this era of scarce and/or super expensive ammo this was a good product at a fair price. The ammo functioned well and had no failures to fire. It delivered pretty standard accuracy. The cases look like they will reload without any problem.
by Iceman12, from OH, United States December 16, 2020Shoots great out of any rifle will be buying more of it when it comes back in stock. Bought 400 rounds last time. Should have bought more when I was buying but the wife thought I had more than enough..

by Richmond, from GA, United States October 26, 2020This ammunition is super clean, the best in class in my opinion. It’s accurate to shoot and fairly quite as well for a 9mm. Overall, it’s a fun round to shoot on the range and/or use for home defense.
by Doug Meredith, Verified Owner, from CO, United States March 25, 2021Great ammunition for self defense or through a suppressor due to weight! No jams and good accuracy. Why pay for “suppressed” ammunition when this works just as well. I’ve used it in all my 9mm weapons (pistol and rifle) and no issues at all.

by Lawrence, from MO, United States February 12, 2021With the times of hardly finding ammo anywhere I came to Best Online Ammo Store!. I did have to wait (backordered like everywhere else), but the wait was worth it. When they got them in it was fast and easy and the price was right!!
by Hunter Day, from ME, United States May 20, 2021Light and fast ammo, hits hard and leaves decent size hole. No jams or duds. Ammo feeds nicely. All In all I’d definitely recommend buying some for yourself! Only downfall is the price but it’s not too high
by Rgr, from GA, United States November 3, 2020As others have said, the ammo is very lightweight. Bought this because (a) it was available and (b) it supposedly doesn’t overpenetrate, and I’m in an urban area where that’s a concern. I haven’t shot or tested the ammo so can’t recommend it specif…

Excellent packaging good prices and fast shipping on handguns!! Extremely happy with the service.
I highly appreciate the ability to be placed on a “notify me” list for when products that are not in stock currently, do become available. I don’t mind waiting to be notified at all… it is FAR better to wait a month or two, or three… but KNOW you will be notified vs reading “item not available” and have to continually check in to see if it has become available to order again. In fact, it’d be totally nicer to NOT list / show ANY items that are not available, it gets annoying looking & looking & looking at items that aren’t available, trying to find an item (needle in a haystack) that CAN be ordered or at least put on a notify me status.

Always receive fast and reliable shipment. Products have been as advertised. Never received a defective item ordered. Very reliable company. Can not comment on customer service, as I have never needed them. Thanks.
I have to see how the returns are handled. Person taking my order was helpful and obligingly . Order came quickly. Loved the handgun.

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